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Goodtime restaurant Berlin

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Last saturday we went out to the thai / indonesian restaurant Goodtime in Berlin, Chauseestraße. While I have been there before -about a year ago- the last time was more of a short visit compared to the lengthier dinner this time.

My first impression was more positive than I remembered (I had some kind of canteen atmosphere in mind), the restaurant comes with some simple, white and stylish design chairs and painted walls. The menu includes the range of ingredients you would expect from an Asian restaurant: fish, chicken, duck, served with various vegetables, rice et al. And here comes the main point that pushed me to write this article: be warned that their kind of spicy is very spice. They really mean it. And this while I like and am really used to spice food. So unless you want to burn some flu away, and taste something beside hot, I suggest you order specifically without all the chillies.

All in all it was ok, however, for the price I would expect better, prompter service, as well as a more pleasant atmosphere: as the tables are placed fairly close to each other, the waitress’ often move them around to match group sizes, and when people come and go, including the waiters, they may often hit your chair, or table :-/

You can get similar quality food in Berlin Mitte, for nearly half the price at the Otito - only their tables and walls are not painted as nice, however the atmosphere is somewhat less hectic, …

New category: Food

Monday, May 9th, 2011

I wanted to take notes of noteworthy, locations, such as restaurants and bars, while abroad for quite some time now, … But oh well, you know, spare time is quite an exclusive luxury in todays busy world.

Due to given occasion, however, I just created a new Food category and plan to write notes in the very near future. Such as about my near-daily business lunch at Otito, Berlin Mitte (tip: Quick 6, Sushi + Miso Soup #2), or abroad insider tips, like Employees Only, NYC (tip: Ruby Tuesday).

So stay tuned!