René Rebe, born in the eighties in Germany, Europe and based in Berlin.


  • C++ / C / Objective C
  • Lua
  • digital imaging: OpenGL, OpenCL, PDF et al.
  • assembly: x86, ARM, SPARC, PPC, MIPS, …
  • drivers: USB, PCI, …
  • Linux, Mac OS X / iOS, Win32, et al.
  • due to long and ongoing open source work much more, including: Javascript, HTML, SQL, Pyhton, Perl, Ruby, PHP, sed, awk, bash, …

Education / History

  • 2019 project leader for PDF/R ISO23504-1
  • 2018 implemented 2d barcode recognition as part of ExactScan Enterprise
  • 2018 contribute to a raster / bitmap image only PDF/Raster ISO standard sub-set
  • 2017 started an education YouTube channel discussing, coding, and reviewing various tech topics
  • 2017 released cliscan a free TWAIN tool to test and automate scanning, for Mac, Linux and Windows
  • 2016 released re/compress a universal PDF compressor
  • 2015 finished porting ExactScan and OCRKit to Windows and Linux
  • 2012-2016 developed a truly portable, dynamically typed UI w/ support for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, …
  • 2010 launched OCRKit iOS / mobile OCR App
  • 2010 launched OCRKit Mac OCR App
  • 2008 launched ExactScan Mac document scanner App
  • 2005 developed Mac OS Avision scanner TWAIN driver
  • 2006 founded ExactCODE GmbH; Germany
  • 2005 founded ExactImage, open source image processing
  • 2005 started studying of media design / computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin
  • 2004 founded T2 SDE open source (Embedded) Linux
  • 2003 preparing to launched an own OpenSource company, commecial OpenSource work, free IT journalist, …
  • 2001 started studying of computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin
  • 1998 started contributing to ROCK Linux, later stable release maintainer
  • 1997 started SANE / Avision scanner driver backend