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Where are the pretty PC laptops?

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

My main “workstation”, a 3 year old MacBook Pro, is really reaching the point where something slightly snappier would be nice. As I also use Linux a pretty PC laptop would be sufficed, too. Especially as I do not 100% fall in love with the latest unibody Macs, anyway (I would take a black liquid-metal incarnation, though, … ;-).

With the advent of neat silicon from AMD there should be plenty of slim, light and long battery life PCs, but there aren’t, … :-( The only thing one could barely consider was the previously expensive, and now discontinued Dell Adamo, … With this good design vacuum it is no wonder Apple is selling that well, …

I could consider the new Lenovo X220, the IPS display is certainly appealing, but where the heck is the ultra-portable, slim & light S-series edition of it?

Oh my, guess I have to wait even longer, and if the PC industry continues to fail with good designs, I can just hope to see some nice liquid metal, black & beautiful Apple laptop in a year (or so), …