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The demise of

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

The was a time, some years ago, when was a lovely site, reporting about alternative operating-system news. Of course you could find news about the major releases of Microsoft Windows, or Apple Mac OS on the site as well, however the audience was mostly people interested in more solid solutions and looking into OS/2, BeOS, Linux, etc, pp.

Long these days appear gone. These days the site appears to be run by a handful of people just popagating their own personal taste and feeling. Where the biggest fraction of the news are just Mac OS X developers seeds - nearly each of those - dynamic window managers and their weekly pointless ranting about what annoyed them most the last 7 days and come up with their own teaching series.

Seldome did I see a site degrading that much - guess it is time to watch out for a new operating systems news site, …