If you find my open source work, writing, or YouTube videos helpful and like to give back, this is my brief wish-list of things that are at times not as easy to get by, and I would be helpful or make me happy ;-)

  • DEC Alpha machine (for #t2sde support)
  • IA-64 machine (for #t2sde support)
  • RISCV boards (for #t2sde support)
  • faster than 360 MHz UltraSPARC
  • Sgi Octane VPro (obviously for Octane Linux driver & testing)
  • Sgi Origin 200 plastic skin pieces, …
  • Power Mac 8100/80 (Quadra 800) caddy cd-rom w/ plastic sled
  • Original (PowerPC?) BeBox
  • Pismo or Wallstreet PowerBook
  • MD Data drive
  • Something with an AT&T Hobbit? ;-)
  • Source code of Transmeta Code Morphing, to fix some bugs and add new features

If you have something else you want to get rid of (recycling, goodwill), or you think might be cool or useful, just let me know! You may also like to consider supporting my work via Patreon.