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Gentoo says good-bye to Enlightenment 17 and thus my MacOSD

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

I was just about to add a link to the Gentoo ebuild of my MacOSD when I had to notice they just removed it!!! :-(

MacOSD is a tiny background UI daemon that displays brightness, volume change events among some others on Apple computers running Linux in two ways: an older XShape based textual way using libosd which works on even the oldest X-Servers and video overlays, and a newer, Enlightenment 17 Evas canvas based, view that looks way more pretty, but only works correctly on top of video overlays with latest X-Servers with enabled composite extension and a running composition manager.

Now it appears the Gentoo folks decided that Enligthenment 17 is too rapidly changing and introducing too much unstability and API/ABI breakage for their unstable, ever changing Gentoo distribution. They thus removed Enlightenment 17 and all packages depending on an E17 library - include the little MacOSD :-(. Even though MacOSD only does build with Evas support optionally, they still could have left it in the tree building with libosd just fine.

So for all begging for a more compelte and stable source distribution you might want to give our T2 SDE a try - of course MacOSD is included :-).