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ExactScan 2.20 with Canon DR-series support

Monday, June 18th, 2012

You got a Canon DR-series scanner, such as a DR-M140, DR-M160, DR-3010C, DR-6010C or DR-6030,C older, or never and like to use it on an Apple Mac(intosh)? Search no more!

ExactScan now comes with built-in drivers to supper a whole range of Canon DR-series scanners, no matter if they are a couple of years old - or brand new!

Simply plug in the Canon DR scanner USB cable to a free USB port of your Mac, download and lunch ExactScan and the feature rich document capture application will list the scanner and batch scan at high speed on your Mac! Using ExactScan Pro you can even scan with OCR to searchable PDF, use the digital imprinter, and rely on many more automatic detection, such as automatic detection of colors and text orientation.

The possibilities are endless.

OCRKit as PDF re-compressor

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

You have an archive of PDF files, e.g. scanned with the scanner driver standard software, that takes a lot of storage space?

Chances are OCRKit can reduce the file size quite a bit due it’s built-in color detection and advanced compression. Simply drag and drop the files on the OCRKit icon and it will do it’s work. If the files had no text from OCR before you even get searchable PDF along the way, … And usually the resulting files should be quite a bit smaller1. Of course the same works with plain bitmap files, such as JPEG and TIFF.

The possibilities are endless.

1) The size may increase for PDF files already stored as highly compressed PDF. We are working to further improve compression for future updates.

Tip of the week: Your milage may vary

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Looks like I (at least these days) have a little more time for the famous tip of the week series: It is long known (at least should be), that proper use of manual transmission (in cars) can greatly influence fuel economy and reduce the gasoline consume. This is archived by not driving out each gear, and instead upshift “quickly” into the next higher gear.

At least in Germany this is even standard teaching during driving school. Using drive-now car-sharing BMW Mini Cooper in Berlin for some time now I was wondering about the higher than expected gasoline consume of up to 10 liter per 100 km in central Berlin’s stop-and-go traffic. With some careful monitoring of the momentarily and average petrol consume in the digital display of the dashboard I figured out, that I upshifted too quickly for the Mini. Turned out that not up-shifting too early and rather going a little over the 2000 rpm mark brought down the consume from ~10 liter to something below 7 liter per 100km, …

In case you want to do something for the environment (and your wallet - or in reverse order) some conscious driving, monitoring and adaption can easily save some 30%, or more, …

Sorry, those of you with automatic (torque converter) transmissions are not in the fuel saving game anyway, …

Your milage may vary.