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ExactScan Pro batch processing

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

ExactScan Pro had the ability to batch process existing files for quite some time. The Pro version allows to process existing, e.g. archived files as if they came fro the scanner. This allows for TIFF to PDF conversion, adding OCR for searchable documents, adjust colors, compression or whatever your use case or workflow requires.

As we constantly listen to customer feedback carefully and try to work suggestions into our product we further improved this batch feature to also allow to use the input filename as output filename. Before this change the ExactScan logic for scanning documents would have defined the new output filename - which would be something like: ~/Documents/Scan-{Page#}.png or similar.

Since yesterday’s 2.27.4 release we added a new file naming token: {Filename} which is exactly what you would expect now: the original input filename. For this to work you also need to set the Directory to the file-system root: / as the {Filename} expands to the whole input file. We first thought to simply make the new token just the base filename without the whole path. However, that way the file would not end up in the same directory, e.g. ~/Documents instead.

While at it we also added a new {Resolution} token, allowing to name your scans with the actually scanned resolution in the filename, like: Scan-{Page#}-{Resolution}dpi.pdf.

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