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changing cdrom images in qemu

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Though I’m using Qemu for some time, now - I recently installed an old T2 flavour from 2 CD’s and thus had to exchange Qemu’s cdrom image at run-time. It came to my suprise that some random googling brought up mostly stuff that did not work anymore - maybe because I have to use a Qemu SVN version due a newer GCC (4.x).

change cdrom
device not found

With “info block” in the Qemu monitor (Ctrl-Alt-2) one cane get a list of currently attached block devices:

info block
ide0-cd1: type=cdrom removeable=1 locked=1 file=/home/rene/…
ide0-hd0: type=hd removable=0 file=/home/rene/…

So for exchange the attached cdrom at run-time the commands are:

eject ide0-cd1
change ide0-cd1 /home/rene/some-other-file…

And finally the switch back from the monitor to the VGA output screen with Ctrl-Alt-0.

Sophisticated Open Source barcode recognition now available

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

Up until recently no sophisticated barcode recognition was available as open source. There where some attempts to handle barcodes among an otherwise character recognizing project, as well as a “just code39″ recognition tool. ExactCODE now made a whole family of barcode recognizers for all common 1D codes (UPC, EAN, CODE25, CODE39, CODE128 to name a few) available within the modern, C++ imaging framework ExactImage under the terms of the GPL.

For commercial licensing options, for distributions in classic binary-only applications as well as more advanced features and 2D recognition, just contact us.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!