changing cdrom images in qemu

Though I’m using Qemu for some time, now - I recently installed an old T2 flavour from 2 CD’s and thus had to exchange Qemu’s cdrom image at run-time. It came to my suprise that some random googling brought up mostly stuff that did not work anymore - maybe because I have to use a Qemu SVN version due a newer GCC (4.x).

change cdrom
device not found

With “info block” in the Qemu monitor (Ctrl-Alt-2) one cane get a list of currently attached block devices:

info block
ide0-cd1: type=cdrom removeable=1 locked=1 file=/home/rene/…
ide0-hd0: type=hd removable=0 file=/home/rene/…

So for exchange the attached cdrom at run-time the commands are:

eject ide0-cd1
change ide0-cd1 /home/rene/some-other-file…

And finally the switch back from the monitor to the VGA output screen with Ctrl-Alt-0.

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  1. Kashif Says:

    Thanks. It solved my problem.

  2. Nando Says:

    Thank you very much, It solved my problem using Qemu on Fedora 10.

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