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Damnit, Zensursula goes for President

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

As if we had not enough problems already, censorship maid Ursula von der Leyen talked to potentially become President of Germany, oh my! To improve her bad reputation in educated circles she now might even spent millions to improve her image. Hello? We should get a president that does not need millions for PR improvements!! And certainly could do better with some millions worth of EUR!!! Like saving starving kids in Africa, or the EUR itself!!!! (OK, wait, we already spent billions on that, …)

Anyway, year after year I get the impression those with a little brain get a decent job, the others either get unemployment benefit 2.0 or become politician :-(

Mac OS X Dashboard Web Clips

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

What the heck? How can it possibly be that broken???

For some time now I excessively used Mac OS X (Safari) Dashboard Web Clips, for most part to blend in various server loads. While in theory a nice thing: this stuff just does not work quite right!!! On one day or another (usually after the Mac slept the night) some stupid Web Clips just won’t refresh anymore, showing old, previous day content. While so far I usually just have removed and re-added it in this case, today I thought I’d rather reboot in the hope it would refresh and appear right. Wrong! Now all Web Clips in a row show a totally different spot of the statistics site from what I previously set it up to show?!?!

@Steve Jobs Instead of bashing Flash all day for being broken (which in contrast to OS X itself didn’t really ever crash on me under OS X) could your Apple developer please get some basic fancy UI stuff going right???

Previously the Web Clips covered about the area marked in red, and as I mentioned showed a totally different spot of the underlying website, …

Oh, and while at it, some snap to grid would also be awesome! That way the dashboard would not look as cluttered, though, well, maybe that is how Steve’s desk looks like, …

Computex 2010: VIA Nano Dual Core is coming

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Finally. So it’s only about 1½ years until we “might” actually get our hands on them, …