Samsung Series 9: The mostly better MacBook Air

For some years now, I can not find the perfect laptop. The issue with most Apple MacBooks is the way too glossy screens, a sharp aluminum case border that presses into the wrist, an enormous screen bezel, often no Ethernet anymore. Of course most PCs are so ridiculously ugly plastic crap I would not even bother to look at all day. The Lenovo X230 comes quite close, but the display resolution, … so low it really hurts. The mid-2012 Samsung Series 9 (900X3 or so for 13″) is quite nice:

It does so many things better than the MacBook Air it inspires from: Outstanding display (Full HD: 1920 x 1080, the Air only has 1440 x 900) and even mate! Much smaller screen bezel, looks gorgeous, wastes less space. Even optional in black anodized aluminum: yummy!

The drawbacks? Well beside Windows (one would use Linux anyway, maybe Hackintosh would do, too), RAM! How can they ship the 13 inch version with just 4GB max? With this plenty of screen real estate, mate display it would make such an excellent developer machine. But some more than 4GB of RAM would be highly appreciated (even Apple’s MacBook Air allows up to 8 GB) for this and future proof (Hello planned obsolescence at it’s best?).

But worst of it all? The 3mm power plug! Are they kidding? Such an “not so cheap” (not to call it expensive) machine and then a jack that not only pulls the laptop from the table if someone trips on the cable, but even likely breaks and leaves the tiny metal pin stuck inside? Seldom saw such a nonsense. Mag Safe like connector anyone?

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