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After the scratchy iPhone 5 aluminum case I was seriously considering to finally try an Android phone. Most of the Android phones feel just extremely cheap and and do not even look good doing so, … Despite the likewise scratchy aluminum case the HTC One really looked sexy and promising. But a phone where the battery is even less changeable than in the iPhone? Thanks, but no thanks! … :-/ However, apparently due to supply chain constraints it very hard to get hands on, even less so buying one anyway.

Trying it out in a store, I also find Android confusing to use. The widget screen and settings are pretty cluttered and even browsing the internet did not feel so “snappy”. Sidenote: The HTC One screen in the shop was already broken, and the HTC promotion person did not look particularly “cultivated” (to say it friendly). I really wonder how they can showcast their product like that, … And when the screen is already broken at the demo unit in store it probably breaks likewise quickly (one one of the first drops) at home, hm?

For me this Android looks downright confusing to use, the settings and app screen are cluttered, but maybe that is the result of some HTC customization. Which brings us to what I think it the biggest Android problem: Every manufacture customizes some strange heck out of it, the result is an even more confusing experience going from one device to another. And the biggest problem? The lack of updates. Whether it are those customization that hold off updates, lack of motivation (planned obsolescence anyone?) or outright incompetence from the vendors. Unless you happen to have a device supported by Cyanogenmod, that is. The missing Android updates even from biggest manufactures (including Motorola, HTC, …) makes Android extreme unattractive to buy into.

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