Google is not evil?

Hahaha, that we are not lying on the floor laughing (lol)! Now that the KHTML fork known as WebKit is so successful and the developer world has finally broken into the former Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer monopoly Google has nothing better to do than fork it? What stupid nonsense waste of human time, developer resources and so on, … in this day of age where most economies in most countries struggle with bigger challenges than reimplementing competing HTML engines and features over and over again, … They want to make it so much better? Why does it feel so much smother and snappier on iOS than it does on Android (pinch zooming, page rendering, scrolling while loading, …)?

Here is an amazing translation to plain English.

I always was skeptical to data collecting and mostly only ad selling Google, but from now on I will be even more, and avoid all of them like the plague.

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