OCRKit 2.0 - a free update for existing users

These days we just released the first major update -2.0- of our OCRKit.

The version 2.0 greatly improved performance on latest Mac’s with many CPU cores (4, 8, …) When we started to work on OCRKit initially, dual-core CPUs where the state-of-the-art for desktop and portable laptops. Times changed, now 4 or even 8 (with Hyper Threading) cores are standard in Mac’s and so we refactored and tuned our OCRKit to make good use of all those cores. All this leads to improve recognition performances of x4, x8, or eve more times depending on the available core count, and input material (e.g. processing may be limited by the combination of decompression, re-compression in certain scenarios).

As promised we also further improved PDF compression, and thus now added a dedicated file format for Highly Compressed PDF. Making OCRKit an even more useful PDF re-compressor, too.

And best of all: To thank all the early bird customers of v1 the new OCRKit v2 is a free updates for all. Enjoy and spread the word!

OCRKit - Recognition revisited.

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