Regress in computer displays

So for some time now I’m searching for the perfect ultraportable (laptop). Tables do not really cut it, even got an iPad to test things, but productivity wise they are not too great to get things done. As I need to get things done, I require some kind of grown up notebook. All the latest Apple machines are not too pleasing either, either cold (on power-up) and too hot during use hard edged aluminum case, and glossy window glass mirror displays, … not to mention the ridiculously huge and space wasting MacBook Air screen bezel, …

The Lenovo X220 is not all that perfect either, same lagging Intel graphics (among others no OpenCL, …) and additionally I just noticed a setback in their display configuration:

The former X200/X201 spotted a 12.1″ 1280×800 display, and it’s ultra-portable cousin X200s/X201s even featured a: 12.1″ 1440×900 (PDF) - now with the “all new” X220 even the Premium HD display only features a mere: 12.5″ 1366×768 pixels, … (PDF)!

This is not only a lower dpi resolution (pixels per inch), it also cuts away enough vertical pixels to make it seriously less useful for professionals with remote screen sessions, and virtual machines. More than the last millennium’s 786 vertical pixels (remember when 1024×768 became standard?) really are a blessing when you want to have your operating-system’s menu bar, and window deco around your windows and generally avoid scrolling in your VNC, RTP, X11 session or virtual machines.

Doing some research on this topic I also spotted that the X220 IPS screen appear to have some ghosting issues, …

Dear manufactures: I do not need a professional computer (display) optimized for consuming cheap Hollywood (or Bollywood) movies. If the mankind is supposed to live on some more centuries, we certainly also have to get some work done, not just hang on to consume other’s stupid videos all days. And even for consuming a decent movie every now and then, I’d get myself a decent TV for that. And with 16:9 LCD TV’s I noticed most high quality movies, on BluRay and such, are not even 16:9, but more like 21:9, …

So, can we please get professional grade, matte, 16:10 display, with at least 800 vertical pixels back to get some serious work done?

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