Who designes this crap? This millenium’s Laptops

In the past I happily choose Apple Laptops such as the legendary, black G3 PowerBook’s or the pleasant G3 iBooks (those with the transparent inside-white plastic) even for use with Linux instead of Apples OS - but nowadays after the disappointing MacBook experience I wonder what Laptop^W err Notebook one can even purchase.

Right, Notebook as Apple itself officially stats that their recent Notebooks are not for peoples laps … (huh?) :-(

And the rest of the PC market? Well, I read a lot reviews over the last days and I found not a single laptop I would invest into. Every el-cheapo PC noebook does usually just look pure ugly, with plastic nobs and holes and un-stylish forms all over the place and or has other major drawbacks (such as few connectors, a 32bit CPU and the like) or is big and clumpy.

The only devices I barely would consider are the aging Sharp Actius MM20 or the IBM^W Lenovo Thinkpad X60. But they have the drawback of a 32bit CPU and the later requires an expensive add-on docking station (I even consider the lack of an optional drive a pro - I barely need it and connecting one in the rare case is quite ok - especially when it saves me from carrying the unused drive with me all the time - but an $$$ docking station just for the DVI output?).

Well - poor PC market; I guess I end up with a Core 2 Duo MacBook (I do not like the PowerBook / MacBook Pro speaker design and their keyboards …) although I already heart in a store that is has the sime high frequency noise when idling and the same sharp top border design bug that I really wonder how Apple could let slip into production. At least it should have less “Kinderkrankheiten” and at comes with a 64bit CPU - if just the silly DC-DC converter whining would have been fixed - sigh.

Also this is a major drawback of Apple’s Mac platform: When you do not exactly love the current hardware they have for sale you are out of luck. No IBM X60 to escape too - well - at least not legally …

Good that despite one Mac product I’m in the Linux business and can choose any CPU and plastic combination I want too … (just too bad the other PC manufacturers sleep that much).

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