Apple MacBook Core 2 Duo (C2D) review

Since I was quite unimpressed by the Apple MacBook version 1 I got rid of it on eBay rather sooner than later.

In former times I bought PowerPC based Macs just for the hardware quality and run them with Linux-only. But with the MacBook revision 1 the quality reached a point where I rather would have bought any non-Apple laptop if there would be any reasonable. Unfortunatly the ordenary PC market does not yield an amazing quality either and among the vast amount of Linux related Open Source project my companies is involved in, we now have two Mac OS X products leaving me no choice but bite into the sour apple …

As the look of the device did not change at all the pros are quickly counted:

  • even faster
  • finally a 64 bit CPU as it is suppost to be in this millenium
  • appears not as hot and noisy as the MacBook v1

However nearly the same cons are counted up quickly as well:

  • still the same bad TFT
  • still high-pitch whining under low load when the CPU cores take a nap
  • still touchpad with low pressure point
  • still strange case finish / material visualizing every touch with detailed fingerprints
  • still the sharp edge border of the top case that cut’s into your wrist (c’mon Apple, even my years old iBook has a round top-case border!!!)

All in all not the worst choice compared to the even more depressing PC market, but definetly not the kind of hardware quality Apple once stood for.

Note: Apple updated the Atheros WIFI chipset to a flavour no Linux driver is available for, yet.

Update: The MADWifi project has a “alpha” driver for this Atheros chipset, now. However only unencrypted networks work so far.

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  2. rene Says:

    Wenn du warten kannst würde ich auf jeden Fall warten, das Gerät ist für Power-User wirklich keine Freude. Wie geschrieben: wenn ich nicht ein Mac OS X Produkt hätte besäße ich das Gerät nicht.

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