German Bundestagswahl 2009 - Be sure to make your vote!

So time to vote, again. To make sure your position counts for the next years in German and European political development be sure to go and make your vote!

Without taking part there is no excuse for complaining what the politicians do wrong - they are elected by the public, including you. If you are lazy, or think you show them your discomfort with the governing party you do not do any better. By skipping the vote you do not express your opinion, but just contribute to an higher overall percentage for left and right extreme parties (as their fellows certainly do go vote and thus people who do not vote bias the relative percentage towards these extremes).

If you are dissatisfied with your favorite (or any) political party a better options is to write a letter to them, expressing your dissatisfaction and points to improve.

To contribute to the future, and hopefully sustained development, especially given the current economic and environmentally challenging times, of Germany, Europe and the world as a whole I strongly suggest to go and make your vote.

It can be a quite comfortable and sunny walk this Sunday in anyway.

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