Intel opens App store – Vodafone, too

Joke from the IDF: Intel to open Intel Atom (Moblin) App store. Any they really expect apps to be submitted and sold in quantities over there?

According to my this mornings newspaper, even Vodafone is about to open their own App store.

I really wonder how so many companies (Google, RIM, Palm, Nokia, …) manage to copy Apple that badly. Do they really expect to gain more than a single digit percentage of that market and sell thru this kind of channel?

Companies: If you have not noticed, Apple’s App store is successful only because they have a single, compatible platform that even sold well.

Where are the Intel Atom Moblin devices? And where is the single, compatible and coherent platform Nokia and Vodafone want to target?

I wonder where all those zillion app stores will be in a year. My bet: All lonely, forgotten, buried under dust like an old ghost town – until the power is finally switched of at their dedicated servers, …

Side anecdote: I recently even tried out some Intel Moblin Beta: On non-Intel graphic chips it run in software rendering mode slower than an i386 run Windows 3.11, and on three different Intel GMA systems I had around the shipped Intel driver crashed and froze the whole machine. Funnily at that time no GMA500 driver was supplied either, so that Sony Vaio P run even in the slowest software blitting mode I ever saw!

That where golden times when we developers had to target Windows, Linux and Mac. Nowadays it’s one app store per device and vendor :-(

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