Sony VAIO (VGN-)P nearing refresh or end-of-life?

Sony Style Store Europe (Germany) lists most VAIO P models as “not available anymore”. Refresh or End-Of-Life?

Update: I got a tip from store employee: it’s supposed to be a refresh.

Update 2 Or maybe rather a replacement by the Vaio X series as showcasted at this years IFA (2009) in Berlin? I can imagine most customers found the 8″ screen of the P too tiny to actually use it, the X series would be a pretty slick update given it’s ~11″ screen. Certainly more pleasure and helpful to use the device, at all.

Update 3 Got another tip: Sony Vaio (VGN-)P is apparently being phased out in Germany. (Maybe the display was just too tiny, heh? If they had made it span the whole case and use and not as exorbitant high (1366×786 instead of 1600×768), so that one can read it without a magnification glass, …)

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