Auto reconnect Bluetooth devices on Linux

If you were wondering why your Bluetooth devices, such as keyboard and mouse, (…) do not automatically reconnect when you reboot / start your Linux desktop, … It is not enough to just have the bluetooth deamon running. You also need to power it up:

bluetoothctl power on

You obviously had to pair and connect the device, before but you also need to trust (because obviously “pairing” is not trusting) …

bluetoothctl scan on
bluetoothctl pair MM:AA:CC:..
bluetoothctl connect MM:AA:CC:..
bluetoothctl trust MM:AA:CC:..

You also need to enable AutoEnable, in /etc/bluetooth/main.conf


Certainly would be too easy in 2019 for stuff to work without reading some freaking manual pages, and internet re-searching the topic a bit, … :-/

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