Fujitsu ScanSnap and Canon DR w/ macOS Catalina

With this years of Apple’s macOS 10.15 aka “Catalina”, Apple removed support for 32-bit applications, as well as deprecated and removed a log of other stuff as usually. The consequence is that lots of old, and not further maintained software and drivers do not work anymore. One very popular one are Fujitsu scanners, such as the ScanSnap ix500, 1500, and Canon P-215 or other DR series devices.

However, you do not need to obsolete and recycle or sell the scanner, nor buy new ones! ExactScan does include some 500 built-in drivers for scanners like this, including those Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500, 1500, and even many much older ones, such as other popular models like the fi-5110EOX.

ExactScan does not only allow to continue using all these scanners, it even has some more, advanced image processing options and enhancements, and the Pro version includes blazing fast OCR, that is up to 10 times faster than what most vendors use in their scan software.

Don’t delay and try ExactScan or ExactScan Pro for free today!

Made in Berlin; Germany.

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