ExactImage QuickLook w/ camera RAW support

I updated my ExactImage-based QuickLook plugin to also support camera RAW images.

Just some week ago I got myself a Sony Nex 5 camera, and used to shooting RAW images for the superior post-production quality with my former, aging Canon EOS 350 I had to notice Mac OS X (10.7) does not support the Sony Nex RAW images by default. There is a camera raw update, but it apparently only installs with iPhoto or Aperture installed, which I do not plan to purchase.

So I finally updated the dcraw support in ExactImage and rebuild the QuickLook plugin with the new support for RAW files, enjoy: 1.8 update w/ camera raw support

If you have another image format you like to preview on the Mac just let me know! Especially if you have camera RAW images that you would like to preview, I likely have to add the file UTI for other files to load, too.

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  1. Mike Beggs Says:

    I’m looking for a QuickLook plugin for Adobe DNG files created by Adobe DNG Converter.app (version 7.3 (71)). The files it creates are identified with Type: DNeg and Creator: 8BIM which I think is Photoshop CS5.
    I’m running Mac OSX 10.8.4.

    Thank you.


  2. Barry Says:

    Okay; I’ll bite. Tried installing it into Mac HD > Library > Quicklook then cleaned all caches and rebooted. Nothing. Any suggestions?

    I’m running 10.8.4, fully updated. Camera is Fuji S9100 & S100fs (.RAF) with Lightroom-generated DNG files. None show a preview in Finder.

  3. René Says:

    Thanks for your interesting and feedback! Here is an update that should support thumbnail and preview of Fuji FAF and Adobe DNG files. Please let me know if everything works ok or if there is more to improve ;-)

  4. Frank Says:

    Thank for this great generator. Unfortunately it does not handle the DNG 1.4 files, especially those lossy compressed DNG files. They are pretty handy but it seems, there is now QuickLook Support out there.

  5. René Says:

    If you could send an example I could take a look, …

  6. Frank Says:

    Here you are:

    You can easily make as many example file as you like with Lightroom. Lossy Compressed DNG are creating in the export dialog. Choose “Export to DNG”. In the File settings section choose “Camera RAW 7.1 or later”, “Embed fast load data” and - important - “Use Lossy Compression”.
    Underneath in “Image Sizing” choose any lower resolution which you like.
    After exporting this, you will have a Lossy Compressed DNG, which is perfectly for archiving and later post processing. But is no “real RAW” more a scene based JPG with independent color channels. This gives the possibilty e.g. to work with it mostly without any visual flaws (e.g. good White-Balance correction in comparsion of lacking in a real JPG). As it is a DNG, it gives most benefits from a RAW, while having a very small size.
    I can not provide you a real image. They are all contract work for clients and marked as private. I am sorry about that.

  7. René Says:

    I do not have Lightroom around, and as I too often messed up a Mac with installing drivers and software trials left and right I do not feel like installing it just for that. If you could make some photo of something neutral, you wall, door, sky, etc. an example would be appreciate, …

  8. Frank Says:

    OK, I have two example files. One with DNG 1.4 and Camera RAW 6.6 compatibility and one DNG 1.4 with Camera RAW 7.1 compatibility. How can I send them to you? They are about 1 MB in summery (did I mention how handy lossy compressed DNG are?).

  9. Frank Says:

    Knock knock?

  10. René Says:

    yeah, tried to drop you an email you used for the comment, … did it not arrive? just email to me ;-)

  11. Frank Says:

    Yes, it was hidden in a huge list of spam.
    I sent you the expample DNGs from my (much) cleaner gmail account. ;)
    Good luck with them.

  12. Frank B. Says:

    Hi there!
    Would you mind to ad the Olympus RAW format .ORF, especially for the OM-D E-M1? :)

    Many thanks for your effort!

  13. Frank Says:

    Something new on the development? Did the files helped?

  14. René Says:

    Sorry, too busy at work, try to look at it as soon as possible.

    Re: .ORF, could you drop an example file for that as well?

  15. Frank Says:

    Hopefully, Frank B. is following this thread, too. ;)
    I have no idea about Olympus orf-files.

  16. Frank Says:

    Knock, knock. Something new? ;)

  17. ffx Says:

    Thanks a lot! It also works on Snow Leopard 10.6.8: So direct raw / arw image support is possible also in Snow Leopard’s Quicklook and finder.

    BTW. I also installed the camera raw update 4.03 on my Snow Leopard using Pacifist (installer stops because only for OS >= 10.7.0). Seems to work :)

  18. jorge Says:

    i tried for my Canon CR2 files but didnt work, any tips ?

  19. Yusef Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for this! Works perfectly for Adobe DNG files converted from the RAW output of my Sony NEX-6. Really cool and much appreciated.

  20. Yusef Says:

    Forgot to mention that I’m using the version 1.8.1 that you posted in the comments here in August 2013, in case someone else needs this.

  21. Alex Says:

    Hi, is it possible to make a plugin which will allow to see thumbnails and in quick look RAF files from Fuji X-T1?
    Thank you/

  22. René Says:

    Hi Alex, have you tried my QuickLook plugin already? I would thing that Fuji RAF images should work - at least the plugin was already tested with at least two different Fuji cameras, …

  23. Sebastian Tischer Says:

    Hi René,

    I have Sony arw files which are converted into dng. With your plugin I happily can see previews BUT they are extremely small and blurry.

    Is this intended? Or is this a bug on my machine?

    Thank you very very much for your great help :)



  24. René Says:

    Hi Sebastion,

    if available my plugin loads the embedded thumbnail preview for speed and color accuracy. I guess in the .DNG files only have a very small preview from the program which converted those (which program btw?) - I keep the original Sony .ARW files and they have a rather huge embedded thumbnail, even good enough for actual real 10×13 prints, …

  25. Sebastian Says:

    Hi René,

    wow this was fast, thank you very much :)

    I used Adobe Lightroom to convert the files and I also selected High Thumbnails.

    Thats why I am kind of curious why it shows small blurry thumbnails…

    Any idea what tests I can run?

    Best and thank you very much :)


  26. Sebastian Tischer Says:

    Hi René,

    thank you very very much for the fast reply and your explanation.

    I did some more conversions and uploaded the photos…

    Unfortuantely it is still blurry after selecting the “include big thumbnail” option in Adobe DNG Converter.


    Do you have any idea?


  27. Sebastian Tischer Says:

    Hi René,

    did you got my reply? Just wondering because I got technical internet issues and just wanted to make sure all is fine :)

    My old reply:

  28. René Says:

    Hi Sebastian,

    yes, I saw it but my daily job at ExactCODE currently keeps me more than busy, …

    I do not know the DNG format so well, so I would need to completely review in detail what is stored in it :-/

  29. Sebastian Tischer Says:

    Hi René,

    thanks for your reply :)

    Take you time just wanted to make sure whether my message arrived…

    Is it possible for you to check within the next time or don’t you think you will find the time?

    Thanks for all your time and work:)


  30. Frank Says:

    Hi Rene,

    anything new with the lossy compressed DNG?
    Do you have found a solution?


  31. Jo Says:


    Would it be possible to add the Nikon D600 RAW format (.NEF)?

    Thanks in advance!

  32. Frank Says:

    Knock, knock. Somebody’s there? ;)

  33. Kevin Says:

    Hey Rene,

    Thanks for your work on this plugin and your offer to add additional formats. Could I talk you into supporting the Samsung NX Camera RAW formats? (*.SRW) Particularly the NX1, NX300, NX1000 and NX Mini model cameras?

    You’re a swell guy for doing this. Thanks a million!


  34. René Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    if you drop me an example image I can see what I can do with it.

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