ExactImage QuickLook plugin with 16 bit support

Update: Now with camera RAW support!

I updated my ExactImage-based QuickLook plugin to also correctly display 16 bit per channel files, enjoy: 1.7 update with improved 16 bit channel support. As usual: If you have another image format you like to preview on the Mac just let me know!

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  1. Chris Edeling Says:

    Dear Rene

    I downloaded exact-image-0.8.5.tar.bz2 but have no clue how to instal it in Mac

    Please tell me how?

    I have managed to get tesseract working with ghostcript to produce pretty good ocr on commandline, but would really like to produce searchable pdf’s as explained on your site at http://www.exactcode.com/site/open_source/exactimage/hocr2pdf/

    I am after the hocr2pdf functionality

    Please help


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