The mess that is the Deutsche Bahn

Again the German Railway took off without us, and it was literally just seconds missing this time! We had like 9 minutes to change the train, and our train was about 5 minutes late. Normally not a problem to still catch the next train; one would think, … But when the DB parks the first train at the second half of the platform behind another, and let you jog it done with all your luggage, to arrive at the net train “just in time”, touch the door sensor, but the ICE just accelerates away, … well, you know that there is something wrong at that public transportation company’s management.

Actually this is not the first time - stuff like this happened to us so often that we rarely used DB railway the last years anyway. Usually flying or rented cars are cheaper anyway. Once we had playing kids on the track, another time environmental activist cut off the electricity line, and worse was a concrete block of said environmental groups. The worst situations ever, however, where when some train had frost damages, the listed replacement went later, but did went into a slightly different direction, and thus did not stop at our destination station and another time when all ticket automats where defect, we where instructed to go down the hall to buy the tickets (not possible in short distance trains, no exceptions, not even when all ticket machines are out of order), and when we arrived back, the next train was already in place, which we mistakenly even entered in all the haste!!!

And this is not even counting in the mess that is the Berliner S-Bahn, nor recent strikes!

We just gave the “Bahn” a chance, because the departure time was more suitable, and we had the luck to get one of those highly discounted tickets.

Guess how often we will use the railway the coming years.

(Posted via 3G, O2 Germany, in before-mentioned ICE.)

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