Now exiv2 is a little unintuitive to use

Just needed to fixup some photos. Basically because I was sorting some 1600 pictures, from various cameras and people, mostly to bring them in-order and pick the best shots. Unfortunately some cameras even did not had the date set properly. Some where up to 2 year and something off (manufacturing date reset?), another just 4 months and something, yet one more about 2 and a half dayo, and the last was still running on daylight saving (winter time) and thus was one hour off, :-(

As a reminder for myself, for the next batch:

Adjust the timestamp:

exiv2 -Y 2 -O 3 -a -8:10 adjust *

Remove some random comment noise:

exiv2 -M”set Exif.Photo.UserComment charset=Ascii” *

Normalize the filenames:

exiv2 -r ‘%Y%m%d_%H%M%S_:basename:’ *

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