Some quick look at Google’s Chrome OS

Suprisingly based on eglibc 2.10.1 (not just glibc, guess Ulrich Drepper really annoyed the last fellow developers away), GCC 4.4.1. Given the log, built on an Ubuntu system.

Login auth via an custom

Boots without a single message, not a single text character from neither the boot loader, nor the Linux kernel. Actually the first time I thought it did hang, failed to load something (booter, kernel, …) until the X based login mask popped up. Comes with all X drivers (even the old, esoteric ones - in contrast to Moblin, which only ships the Intel one, and VESA). But neither with an Intel Poulsbo (GMA500) driver, :-(

However, whether I want to use a system that auth’s at Google, only works when connected, and reception is good (forget most airplanes, trains, abroad (e.g. weekend, holiday) areas, etc.

And mind you: With ChromeOS Google does not even know what you searched, it even knows when you power on your NetBook, authenticate on the system, suspend, resume, certainly can track every move just with your All-Google-OS.


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  1. Techno Girl Says:

    I have installed Chrome OS on one of my netbooks and the performance of Chrome OS is just okay. there is nothing fancy or very special about it. It was just a sort of GUI version of linux or something.

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