TN TFT displays, no way

For the last three years I enjoyed an 20″ Apple Cinema Display. Unfortunately, however, TUIfly (or better, maybe, some airport staff) lost it on the way back from the last trade-show.

Spending some good hour in the nearby Cyberport store I quickly found out: TN panels (such as in the LED backlit Lenovo Thinkvision L2440X) are definitely no joy. On top of the “just 6 bit” color range, with time or area dithering comes the extreme angle dependent color dependency.

Looks like I’ll definitely have to invest in a IPS or PVA display. Devices from NEC and, surprisingly, HP looked quite good.

Update: You may track lost baggage at this site:

Update 2: Looks like my lost display was indeed found, crossing fingers it’s still intact and in the box :-)

Update 3: It did arrive! Looks like it travelled over Tel Aviv!!!

Update 4: From my time as student I still have two ViewSonic VP912s display, too. I invested one into my company, while the other still lives on my home desk. However, I mostly use a notebook on the living room / kitchen table when at home. It happen that I just got to sit on said ViewSonic TN display at home, once again, and I must say it ain’t too bad! For example way better than the approximately 5 years newer Lenovo ThinkVision L2440X display I checked out in the store, as mentioned above. For example simple text (editor, web page) scrolling was tearing badly on the Lenovo display, while it is pretty ok on the old ViewSonic model.

Amazing how much the individual panel technologies varies, especially how much worser it can be even after five years (of R&D one should think).

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