Acer Ferrari One

Since it looks like the MSI Wind U210 will only sport an older, AMD Neo MV-40 (single core) CPU – the Acer Ferrari One might be the first light and slim dual-core “NetBook”.

Too bad it has this ugly, impropriate Ferrari design language written all over it (yeah, I guess I always find something to nitpick, … maybe sticking an Apple sticker over the Ferrari logo might help :-).

Hopefully they’ll ship the 3G equipped flavor in Europe in a timely manner, for me to finally get my envisioned 64 bit, VT capable, digital video out (HDMI et al.) 3G equipped Netbook. Let’s hope battery life is in a reasonable 4-5h++ range (best would be 8h anyway). Please.

Update: Looks like Acer put a very uncommon XGP port (ATI eXternal Graphics Port) which allows to plug in very rare external graphic cards, instead of a way more useful HDMI (or similar) digital video out. If that is final it looks like a quite a show-stopper (on top of the red Ferrari finish).

Update 2: Received a spectacular rating of 9.0, lack of HDMI is official, noted and complained about twice … oh my :-(

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