EI based Quick Look PNM and XPM, finally!

Update: Now with PCX support!

As three people already left comments in my earlier note that I was working on some ExactImage based Quick Look plug-in for Mac OS X, Leopard, I finally took the time to clean it up and get it out. And as I had some initial testers for the 1.0 version I already got an 1.1 update with some PNM compatibility fixed.

To install it, just move the QuickLookEI.qlgenerator bundle into either /Library/QuickLook/ or into your users’s home folder: /Users/…/Library/QuickLook/ - just as you prefer.

Oh, and before I forget: If you have another image format you like to preview on the Mac just let me know and I’ll see how quickly I can add support for it!

2 Responses to “EI based Quick Look PNM and XPM, finally!”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Hi René, thank you so much for writing this and making it generally available.

  2. René Says:

    Thank you for the kind words. Also note the Update links to the posts with newer, even improved versions :-)!

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