OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Quick Look plugin for PNM (et al.)

Update: Finally available!

As I usually use the PNM format as a very minimal container for image data to dump for debugging in low-level places (e.g. even drivers as it only requires a few lines of code) I missed the ability in Apple’s Mac OS X to display PNM files (apparently even the Photoshop CS2 does not support it!).

As I spend rather much time on some OS X code these days, I stuffed together a Quick Look generator plugin for any UTI (file type) supported by our ExactImage.

If you are looking for such a plugin let me know - I’ll also probably publish it later when I find some more time.

4 Responses to “OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Quick Look plugin for PNM (et al.)”

  1. oxon Says:

    I would like to use PNM QuickLook plugin. I would really appreciate it if you could provide such one.

  2. Paltar Says:

    I would also appreciate. Can you provide this plugin?

  3. Jochen Says:

    I’d really love to use this plugin.
    Can you send it to me?

  4. René Says:

    Ok, I took the time to polish it up :-) Although ExactImage supports many more formants I packed in PNM (Portable aNy Map) and XPM (X PixMap) for a start as they are the most obviously ones missing in Mac OS X by default. If you have any other files lingering around you like the have QuickLook support for let me know and I’ll see what I can do. ExactImage QuickLook Plugin v1.0 ZIP.

    To install: Just move the QuickLookEI.qlgenerator bundle into either /Library/QuickLook/ or into your users’s /Users/…/Library/QuickLook/ folder - just as you prefer.

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