Gentoo is sooo damn portable …

… now running on Intel 686 CPU.

No joke - from the Gentoo weekly newsletter “16 April 2007″:

Gentoo Linux first distribution to run on Apple TV. … Our distribution was chosen due to the fact that it is one of the more portable Linux distributions and, as such, is often one of the first to be ported to new devices.

Now while it’s nice for all of us that the Mactel Linux folks got Linux booted on this “yet more closed and crippled” Apple device, I wonder what part of Gentoo should have played a role in that. After all those people just reverese-engineered and trial’n error enough to get a normal i386 linux kernel loaded. Nothing Gentoo would have helped in. So this statement boils down to:

Gentoo was “ported” to yet another i386 based device.


And if you want to port - for example even cross compile - “with style”, a tip from my side: T2 SDE:

Running on i386 since its roots in 1998, Alpha, PowerPC, SPARC since 200x whatever, the first to run on AVR32, and running on any other 32bit and above silicon (ARM, Blackfin, MIPS, HPPA, SuperH to name some more), and comming with strong cross compile support out of the box. And best of all (aside that it’s free under the GPL as well): Gaining more out-of-the-box (Board Support Package) embedded vendor support every day.

Now that was something one should write more news about :-)

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