4.6 GB of photos, including State of Play Berlin

I started with 1.9GB of plublic photo images, and the collection grew to 4.6 GB online in this blog, now. The Wordpress pixgallery plugin was rewritten by about 50% in the meantime, including many bug fixes, new features and utilizing our in-house ExactImage software library for the image DSP (digital signal processing) - mostly for improved speed and less server load :-)

One of the recently added photo collection, also known as streams, is the State of Play, Performance - Event, Berlin held by Susan’s sister: Sabine Klaus as well as Ridade Al Daghestani, Arnar Lindal Halldorsson and Alexandra Ross.

As the photos can not yet be commented (I guess I finally have to rewrite the other half of the PixGallery code, …), please feel free to leave comments about the event here in this post.

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