Can we keep driving ICE cars? Fuel economy

My first car –I now drove for 6 years– is a 2012 Mini Countryman SD. Usually I accelerate softly, follow in slipstreams and engine brake. In other words some form of light hypermiling. So with our Countryman SD, which has the 2L turbo-charged Diesel engine and a classic torque converter automatic transmission, even without start/stop automatic I get:
Mini Countryman SD 2012 - 2L Diesel:
@100km/h: ~5 L/100km
@120km/h: ~6 L/100km

Now we may have to switch to something non Diesel soon. Electric is not yet an real option, as I usually do not drive in Berlin, and only driver longer distances, e.g. thru Germany or neighboring countries (in Berlin I walk & public transport). I also do not like the Tesla all-touch controls as well as their spare part and such policy. I may consider an BMW i3, however, for a start I test drove a base Porsche Macan, 2L gasoline to experience an quality upgrade after 6 years. This was intentionally the small engine, to target better fuel economy, 2L gasoline, also turbo-charged but with PDK, double clutch transmission and finally WITH start/stop automatic. I actually had to drive really carefully, a bit more hypermiling to even reach:

Porsche Macan 2017 - 2L Super+:
@100km/h: ~8 L/100km
@120km/h: ~10 L/100km

I have to say I was hoping for a little less. Now this was the base engine, not the 3L V6, not an 911, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or McLaren. AND driving really slowish. Now even when I driver our Mini Countryman I’m usually one on the slower side to do my part in slow down global warming and usually other driver overtake more on the crazy side. When you watch some famous car YouTubers you probably understand what I mean. And they drive sport cars, Audio R8, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLaren you name it. And they accelerate like crazy. So I estimate they consume more like 20 L/100km :-/

Now my question: In this day and age, of global warming, causing forrest fires, hurricanes, floods and more. Why are not more people thinking about this? Heck, even all the non-YouTubers, normal people overtaking me with 160, 200 km/h or even more when I roll 120-130 in other’s slipstream, consume way more than they realistically need to. They need to waste their momentum for other drivers, construction sites and regular speed limits anyway, and arrive how many few percent faster than us hypermiling with 120 in other’s slip stream? When I watch many of those drivers I estimate they could easily save 50% if not more of their consumption, ..!

Is is not clear that we need to do something?

This is also quite significant price-wise, to drive 1000km @ 120 km/h – German € gas (Super+) and Diesel prices of today:

MINI Countryman SD: 6L x 10 x 1.31€ = 78.60€
Porsche Macan: 10L x 10 x 1.54€ = 154.20€

And finally my Re:score:
Fuel economy: 3
Practicality: 6
Comfort: 5
Features: 7
Quality: 7
Styling: 7
Handling: 7
Acceleration: 4
Cool factor: 5
Value: 5
Total: 56 of 100

At first I wanted to rate it Doug DeMuro score compatible, but then it struck me that he does not even have a fuel economy rating. Priorities! Guess he only factors it into “Practicality”, if at all. I therefore scratch the quite useless “Fun factor” while he had “Cool factor” already anyways, ..!

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