The NSA and the global surveillance state

So for about a decade the NSA and it’s five or so dwarf friends focussed on reading all our email, half naked holiday beach posts on Facebook, business contracts and CAD drawings send by email, every appointment for dinner with your girlfriend or wive (or both) and such, …

… and they can not even predict the annexation of Crimea or a war in Ukraine coming, nor find the missing MH370 plane, or show actual evidence who shot the MH17 plane, nor a sign of AH5017.

Now that are priorities, right? All our email, and most personal (and thus usually unimportant to others) communiques - however, the actual real threads, like, you know, war, soldiers, weapons, rockets, and lost planes?

Brave new world - probably no espionage to gain from that, … :-/ !!!

So the skills of the NSA in this day and age boil down to: ☑ reading emails, ☑ watching nude citizens, … But unfortunately not the classic spy skill set like, ☐ robbing thru the dessert, ☐ monitoring actual criminals, ☐ and such … I suggest they watch one or another James Bond movie as free training material, …

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