Deduplicating the Internet

So we learned the NSA, and their FVEY (Five Eyes) friends plus other fellows such as the German BND et al. are effectively making their own copy of all the data going thru their optical fibre splitters and such.

Now all this is of course seriously bad, unconstitutional, and exactly creating the police state Orwell already imaging in the now famous 1984 and we could already see in the East Germany’s (GDR) Stasi.

This anti-democratic setup and questions aside, … they effectively duplicating most (if not all, minus the youtube video streams) data on the internet.

Now, imagine, just for a brief unlikely moment, they would stop doing this. This would effectually freeing up a whole lot of bandwidth, like double the Internet capacity. Make everything fast and snappy. Imagine how many 4k video streams that would be!!!

And, actually, I also wonder how many connection issues all this surveillance cause. Certainly not the optical fibre splitters, but other kind of non-optical duplication law inspection certainly causes some connection drops left and right. And yes, I have seen proprietary commercial firewall code, … ! :-/

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