Microsoft Surface 3

I kinda like some of the innovations of the Surface 3, like the kickstand, improved keyboard. What I like about the Surface 3 is that the keyboard is cool as the tablet with it’s CPU/GPU behind the display gets warm there. Leaving my typing experience without heated fingers, … Of course the stylus input is nice to have.

One major drawback, however, is that due to the gab between the tablet and the kickstand one can not really use the Surface’s on airline seat desks, … :-/

However, what is a complete shame at this date and time is the fact that the Surface’s are absolutely not repairable.

Of course I do not expect to upgrade the CPU, nor RAM in such laptops. But upgrading the storage (SSD) in a year or two (or when all it’s write cycles are exhausted) or to swap in a new battery in a similar timeframe, … (each of my classic MacBooks got a second battery by now, … in some even the second battery died since then, …). This is not asked too much, and even a must considering todays level of environmental pollution and landfills, …

A tablet / laptop like this can be for good use, even second hand, for five if not ten years. A glued construction like this seriously limits this possibilities without any good reason. Beside maximum company profits, … of course.

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