Why Windows “RT” is such a fail

For me it is no surprise that most vendors stopped adopting the “RT” flavor of Windows. The main reason people want the old, and buggy pile of junk that is the decade old legacy Windows code are exactly that: legacy Windows apps. Be that office, industrial, games, what not, …

With Windows “RT” you do not get anything of that. Worse: Developers can not even re-compile their existing apps for the “RT” desktop. I guess there would be plenty of smaller, and also bigger Windows companies who would do so with pleasure. But no: Microsoft just would not allow for that. What a pity. And a fail trying to copy Apple even up to the software lock in. For Apple it certainly only works because they had awesome looking and a pleasure to use software on (r)evolutionary hardware. And after a head-start they had enough customers locked into their eco system. But people do not love Microsoft like that. Au contraire: after decades of crashing DOS and Windows, and hindering competitors due their monopoly powers people do not want to be locked into a Microsoft product or eco system yet again. So for Microsoft to gain traction it would have made much more sense to allow side-installs like on classic Windows boxes just as well.

Oh, and then there is the SecureBoot (or what it is called for Windows on ARM). So developers, researchers, students and enthusiast can not even buy the hardware from the overfilled and non-selling Surface RT stock to put Linux or any other of their own OS flavor on it, … :-/

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