I want my GEZ money back

In general I’m already not such a fan of those German public propaganda broadcast tax called GEZ. So every household and company has to pay this tax, and nowadays not only if you have a radio or TV (which some have not), but since some time also if you just have an “internet-ready” device. Like Sun SPARC station (a nice 25MHz, right?) or smartphone, … And as I happen to run a company I even have to effectively pay twice: once private, and once for the company. Don’t really know why, one should assume if one has an pay-per-view subscription one can only watch at one place, not simultaneously at home and work, …

Additionally, I’m also no fan of that massive money wasting, the public stations are practicing: from expensive sport event licenses, over expensive superstars at “Wetten Dass…?” & co, …

If it would be for me this would be called pay-tv anyway, and all paying subscribers would get a CI card and sorted out, everything is.

Whatever, I gave up to think about unlogical bureaucracy thinking a long time ago,

But when you already pay GEZ fees twice (!!!) you would assume you would be able to watch evening news on your “internet ready” device in the office when you (again) worked all Sunday (to pay all this taxes :-)?

Well, think again, … more than a third, if not nearly half of today’s Tagesschau I could enjoy this static images:

Did I mention I seriously want my double-payed GEZ money back? Opt-out of all this nonsense?? And certainly not pay even more, twice, after this upcoming GEZ fee reform???

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