So why the heck do I blog in English?

Ok, it is the time. Some German people keep bugging me why the heck I do write in English, for example even when I am commenting German topics?

Well, this is due multiple reasons:

First of all I mostly discuss non-German subjects, such as computer science stuff, and other international topics. And I would rather not switch between English and German in every second post. It would also rather confuse readers.

Then, there are also so few people who speak German, according to Wikipedia approximately some 200 million of the nearly 7 billion people on earth. I could rather write in Spanish or Chinese and reach more people than writing in German, … after all I do not want to write a minority report.

Last but not least it is also an protest against the 23 official languages as used in the EU, into which all official papers have to be translated. A process which apparently cost over a billion Euro in 2005!

I find it particularly embarrassing that many politicians in the EU do not speak English, or at least not very well. Even many employees in the food court of the Q205 where I often go for lunch speak better English with tourists than this!!!

I’m all for a United States of Europe, with just English being the official language. This would not only help inter-cultural communication, but also free some billion worth of € for more useful projects, such as education, research and infrastructure development. All certainly more important than producing tons of translated paper every year.

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