Apple Bluetooth Headset

A long long time ago, 2+ years or so, I got the Apple Bluetooth Headset to accompany my iPhone. The Apple Bluetooth headset is pretty, astonishing, and awesome(!) tiny, slim and sexy. One could say of superb design –a design icon– that could live in a museum (like near the G4 Cube at the Museum Of Modern Art).

However: It features the worst audio quality I experienced, ever. Even worse than an IBM PC XT/AT PC speaker. Noisy, damped, and other block artifacts that sound like skipped, dropped Bluetooth packets. Absolutely uncomfortable to talk over. Some is certainly due to the monophonic and low bandwidth Bluetooth Headset Profile (HSP). However, other headsets sound at least somewhat better, and usually do not have that many gaps, due poor Bluetooth signal, dropped packets, whatever.

Battery life is also not that stellar, some some hours of talk time, and a day standby (or so). Which is certainly no surprise given the tiny nature of the device, and the therefore absolutely miniature battery somehow squeezed into it.

The biggest selling point certainly is the smooth iPhone integration, including the automatic pairing when connected to the dock connector, and battery level indication in the status bar, and recharge lock screen.

In retrospect, the Apple Bluetooth Headset is actually the gadget I least used, ever. Given the poor Bluetooth connection and battery life it is certainly no wonder even Apple stopped sales and took it off the market just months after it went on sale.

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