Every linker needs to behave differently?

Even just using Linux, Mac OS X (that is not so much Windows), why the heck does every linker needs to be have differently?

The GNU one for example can not create relocatable, static objects with hidden symbols stripped. The GNU masters just wave you off, telling you to simply ship a zillion shared-object files. When all you want is some program executable? Thanks.

Fortunately Apple’s legacy linker does even allow the above (not that it is too useful if most Unix linkers do not, …) But the Apple linker only supports this for ppc, ppc64, and i386 - that is, not for recently added x86_64. Oh my!

It could not be more bizarre, could it?

Let’s hope that LLVM eventually get’s it straight – maybe fixing the incompatible tool-chain mess in the long run, …

Update: LLVM 2.7 is out!

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