Esoteric, embedded x86 CPU performance

score 147
Microsoft Windows YlmF Ghost XP SP2 YE3.0 (#205409)
Vortex86 SoC @ 999 MHz (1 processor)

score 191
GBT___ AWRDACPI (#218595)
AMD-K6 3D+ @ 451 MHz (1 processor)

score 200
INSYDE CS553x__ (#43975)
Geode Integrated by AMD PCS @ 498 MHz (1 processor)

score 209
Linux PC (VIA Nehemiah) (#151851)
VIA C3, Nehemiah @ 999 MHz (1 processor)

score 464
Compaq Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 (#166888)
Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 @ 997 MHz (1 processor)

score 517
Linux PC (VIA C7 Processor 1500MHz) (#228756)

score 956
Linux PC (Transmeta Efficeon(tm) Processor TM8000) (#54706)
Transmeta Efficeon TM8000 @ 1.60 GHz (1 processor)

Some CPUs, such as the Vortex86 (formerly SiS 550) are particularly bad on the performance per MHz ratio, and the VIA C3 and C7 are not much better. For me it is surprising to see how well the old and “Code morphing” Transmeta CPUs perform for their time.

Some more results are also quoted in my Atom performance post.

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