Embedded World vs. CeBIT

For years the German flagship IT trade-shows loose visitors. The Systems is now even history. And last year the Embedded World and CeBIT managers were as stupid to use the same date for the shows???

Our company used to visit the Embedded World as guests. We always where considering to exhibit there, as we did on Linux shows, or the CeBIT. For our start-up every year it became more likely to join the Embedded World, however all abruptly stopped last year when (IIRC) the Embedded World for the first time happened to be the same days as the CeBIT.

It is certainly bad enough to loose visitors to competing shows overseas, such as the Computex or CES. But how can those regressing shows steal each other’s exhibitors and visitors? In the same country, week.

I doubt we are a single incident here. Like us certainly many more have partners at the other show or would like, or have to exhibit on both. There should be at least some days gab between the shows, to make it possible for more to attend both shows. This would still allow foreigners to optimize their travel schedule and visit both in one go. Another, I think even better, option would be to have half a year between both shows. For example move the Embedded World to the autumn. To better match product cycle and product placements.

But on exactly the same days?

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