ExactScan 2.9, high-speed^9

ExactCODE just released another major ExactScan product family update: the new version 2.9 brings vast improvements all over the App. Most notably are excessive image processing performance improvements. For weeks we did nothing else but revisit our algorithms and fine tuned line of code that stood out.

With years of solid foundation code at ExactCODE, ExactScan already was pretty solid. However, even we received reports about issues. So likewise, for months, we where tracking every single stability issue brought to our attention. All of this contributes to making the version 2.9 the most performing and stable release, ever.

It even comes with new, built-in scanner drivers. For example the new Avision D2 models are now all supported, e.g. the AV220D2+, AV320D2+, and various other (yet unreleased) models, even various other vendors.

Of course work continues on the next planed updated, 2.10. For this next, of course free, update we even have another major surprise for you. Stay tuned, it’s just some weeks of QA away.

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