Don’t forget to make a recovery CD from your Nokia Booklet 3G

There is no install/recovery media in the box, and Nokia will apparently not send you one (in case you need one, e.g. after ruining your NTFS partition’s superblock by an off-by-one typo in the partition number while fiddeling your Linux and OSX on it, …). They rather wanted to pick up the laptop for “repair” on their side. Autsch!
Of course the Windows 7 Starter sucks big times anyway, so the loss is questionable. However, I have not yet even taken a look at this rumored Ovi & Maps things.

With an intact hidden restore partition (as in my case), it should be possible to manually restore the image from a XP, Vista, 7 repair console like:

imagex /apply d:\Recovery\restore.wim 1 c:\”

I’ll probably give it a try, just to see the Nokia bloatware before I’ll install a more potent Windows flavor, one that can Aero and change the desktop background wallpaper, …

Update: Of course Microsoft does not ship the imagex within the installation media, that would obviously be too convenient. Instead it is part of some Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) that is some whooping 999MB in size! Oops.

Google has some hits for some freestanding RAR archives. Let’s hope they do not contain malware, though, …

Update 2: Ok the “bundled” software was not worth it. I thought there would be an Nokia Ovi Maps application included, but instead only some “Update and Marketplace” enabler was. According to the printed docs included, the Maps has to be downloaded an is an over-the-internet app.

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