Linux file-systems compared 2008/Q1

For our 8-way Xeon with some >TB RAID array I had to find out what filesystems I would want to use on the logical volumes for some different use cases, and as a quick internet search did only brought up years old benchmarks I quickly done one for the T2 SDE magazine on a 2-way (dual-core) 64-bit PowerPC64 (G5) running Linux 2.6.24 - too bad Reiser4 did at least not like the 64-bit, big-endian machine too much and oopsed too much to yield timing data :-(

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  1. Faysal Banna Says:

    I would like your opinion in implementing Very High performance Cache engine …. which filesystem would perfectly fit for thousands of various files ?? Reiserfs XFS or JFS with directory structure extending for thousands of sub directories …..

    I am using Fedora 8 with latest patches and updates available ….

    Much regards
    Faysal Banna

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