Avision, Kodak, Visioneer and Xerox scanner on Mac OS X

For quite some time ExactCODE was shipping a Mac OS X TWAIN driver for Avision document scanners. However, with ExactScan version 2 the device support was now extended to cover many Kodak and most Visioneer and Xerox document scanners as well!

This includes, but not limited to the devices: Avision: AV121, AV122, AV210 C2, AV220 C2, AV610 C2, AV3200 SU, AV3750 SU, AV3850SU, AV8050U, AV8350, FB2080E, FB6080E - Kodak: i30, i40, i55, i65 - Visioneer: Patriot 430, Patriot 470, 9450 USB, 9650, 9750 PDF, Patriot 680, Patriot 780 - Xerox: DocuMate 152, DocuMate 250, DocuMate 252, DocuMate 262, DocuMate 272, DocuMate 510, DocuMate 520, DocuMate 632, DocuMate 752.

However, ExactScan 2 is not just about more devices: Under the hood it was completely redesigned and rewritten from scratch to allow monitoring the current scanner’s hardware buttons and profile selection and perform scans to be invoken by a fingertip on the scanner.

Also new are a bunch of ExactCODE’s image enhancement algorithms for automatic and intelligent binarization of images for massive long term archiving, very accurate and fully automatic auto-crop and de-skew as well as faster sharpening, de-screening and more.

This way ExactScan matured from a classic TWAIN data source it was in version 1, to a full blown image processing suite that also runs persistently in the background to monitor scanner actions, interface with existing TWAIN applications non-the-less and comes with sophisticated, state-of-the-art image processing.

Designed for Apple’s Mac OS X.
Made by ExactCODE in Germany.

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  1. KAJ Says:

    Wow, that’s so wonderful. I finally found a A3 sized scanner for use with MAC OS X! You made my day …

    All the best to Berlin,

  2. micro informatique service Says:

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting!

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