Modern smartphone battery drain

For some time I was wondering how suspend time on my iPhone 5 can be so low. Having owned the very first gen iPhone, the 3G, the 4 and now the 5 the current suspend and talk time did not really feel like progress. Au contraire: It felt short :-/

Historically I never had much Apps. After all the initial iPhone was about doing mobile web right, it even did not allow third party Apps. Even when third party Apps where allowed, and appear I did not have many of them. After all I wanted mobile Web, email, and such, …

However over time some Apps accumulated, and of course nowadays people continuously ask to like some Facebook upload and the like. So I had this infamous opened every other day. What I did not realize was, how much hiccup it is doing in the background! After quitting it completely, via the taskbar the battery life actually went up from barely 24h standby and a little use over the day to nearly 48h standby with occasional regular office day use.

If that is not an improvement! Of course it is still fare away from regular, old fashioned mobile’s - but those also did less, had less fancy, smaller screens, etc. Most of all it shows how bad some mobile Apps are written!

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  1. Karen Lee Says:

    Yes, now the OS is easier to spend battery power. It makes me miss the old Nokia. Now I am using iPhone 5, but always low power after checking Facebook for couple hours. I recently bought one of these from Kinkoo:
    I have found it to be great. With real 8,000mAh can charge iPhone 5 for 4 times, with juice still to spare. It’s very light to carry every day(only 5.7 oz).
    They ship by Fedex(free shipping), very fast to get it. Highly recommended.

  2. René Says:

    Karen Lee, that is all good and such, but this blog is really not for your personal advertising SPAM!

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